Week 52

We’ve spent the Christmas holidays in a small cottage in the North of Holland.

It is very basic. No running water, Light by candles, heating by wood fire, outside toilet, no current , no tv and no computer. But that is its charm and why we go.

It was dread full weather. Raining and cold. Great weather to sit by a wood fire and bake  potatoes.

All pictures are made with a Leica R6 35/2 and 19/2.8 on Fuji Provia 400

The cottage


The neighbours


The restrooms


The water


Small lake in the garden


Inside the cottage


Without TV there is not much else to do then read


At last, the last night it started to freeze



2 thoughts on “Week 52

  1. the magical moments and memories of fokkema.

    the photos adorn the words, both in their simplicity and poignancy.

    reminds me of a tiny island in the middle of finland, but there with a sauna next to the “pond”.


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