Week 38

This week I drove along the dike in the utmost Northern part of the Netherlands. The  part were I was born and which is called Friesland.

All made with a canon 40d, Tokina 50-135 and Sigma 10-20. Souped in Lightroom 2.

Along the dike

On the dike we have sheep to keep the grass short. Black ones.

And white ones. They live happily along side each other

And smaller creatures too.

This is new land being formed. Put some dams into the sea and sediment will start to form new land.

Windmills are of all centuries.


3 thoughts on “Week 38

  1. Amazing results. I like the Tokina’s work and the low level point of view you used. The great green grass and blue sky gives you far more power. Great job! On the picture 8 (the broken ground), I would like to propose a graduate filter or even a tobacco one to bring a more dramatic results, which I personally like.

  2. ja, cool michiel, i like the windmills old and new together. i like the sheep too and were are your beautiful daughters ????? greatings. om

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