Week 31

I’ve never shot sports. This is my first attempt.

It was the cycling day of Wateringen. After the tour de France there are a lot of short tours in villages all over Holland and Belgium. The cyclists do 100km or so in short rounds. They pass 50-70 times. It is therefore very good to practise photography because if the shot is not good, you can do it again 3 minutes later.

Celebration of two heroes from the tour the France

Autographs. The nice thing about professional cycling is that you can get close to the cyclists.

Waiting to start.

There they go.

They do have fun.

But get exhausted too.

A few more here

2 thoughts on “Week 31

  1. fun series, michiel.

    where and when to use flash is yet another topic to advance …………

    looks like there were not too many spectators to block your manoevres; great fortune.


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