Week 24

This weekend we had  family gathering on one of the islands in the North of the Netherlands. Because the sea between the islands and the mainland is a wetland that floods two times a day we decided to walk to the island. Because the wind was north West the water did not retract totally. The weather was good and we had some beautiful sights.

Made with the Ricoh GX100 and Canon 40D.

We were not alone that day on the wetlands.

Views like this all day.

We had good weather and bad weather and here we had it both at the same time.

The beach at the West side of the island.

On the East part of the island there are wide meadows with sheep.

The beach at the East side of the island

The Light house.

On the way back we took the ferry. These seagulls were hoping for some food.


3 thoughts on “Week 24

  1. Hi Michiel.
    I liked it a lot, specially the second the the third one if you change it to Black & White. 😉
    By the way…everything ok in Brazil and our litle girl is born!
    See you

  2. numero 2 geeft een impressie van oneindigheid, wat bijzonder is in dit overvol, klein land!

    the gulls in blue zijn de volgers die op alles wachten …………

    mooi, michiel.


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