Week 19

We’ve spent 4 days in Paris with the family. The weather was very good and the city too.  Because it was very long ago for my wife and my kids have never been to Paris before, we did all the tourist stuff. I have seen all that already but it gave me time to photograph and tried to avoid the obvious shots. We also visited the Musee Picasso and the Musee Rodin.

I used a Hasselblad with 60 and 150mm lenses  and a Leica CM. Film was fuji slide film and kodak B&W film.


The girls are waiting until we’re ready at the Marche aux puches.


The entrance of restaurant “Chartier”. Not the best restaurant in Paris but definitely the most French one.


One of the many waiters.


Waiting for the metro.


Life is dangerous in Paris


In front of the centre pompidou we were waiting to get in. This boy was very intrigued by the gypsy woman playing her fiddle


Two hands by Rodin.


Saxaphone player in front of the Notre Dame.


Violin player at the Louvre




Glasses ready for lunch


In the Metro



Lovers at the pont des arts.


Woman with big nose by Picasso

3 thoughts on “Week 19

  1. you have captured the many elements that cover the word “paris”.

    i think you should stick to the square format ……… and film. your results are superb.

    especially like “the violin player”; mmm, the memories of chartier and its bustle.


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