Week 14


Is an island not far away from me in de Zeeuwse Delta. It used to have a few farmers. It is now given back to nature. As far as that is possible. At least cars are not allowed and there is only one simple restaurant. You have to go with a ferry and therefore it is very quiet. there are still meadows but a part was made into a wetland. Some abandoned farms and houses make nice subject.

I went there on a nice day with my Mamiya 6 with 50,75 and 150mm lenses, a tripod and some Fuji slide film.





2 thoughts on “Week 14

  1. 2, 3 and 4 are great. before you go, next time, give a call …………… would love to go.

    can imagine it in the rain and snow too!


  2. Wat een prachtige foto’s en gewoon in ons kikkerlandje genomen. Vooral de laatste foto.
    groetjes sjani van ophemert

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