Week 13 Easter

Family tradition says that we go camping with Easter on Texel.

Even if the weather forecast is as bad as it was this year. Easter was very early and we could expect frost and snow. And we did have it! But we also had some sun.

Texel is one of the islands in theNorth of the Netherlands. On one side there are wetlands and on the other side is the sea with a beach.

The pictures are all made with the Leicaflex SL2. 80-200/4.5, 35/2.0 and 60/2.8 on Provia 400.

The lighthouse

Shells on the beach

The beach

There are a lot of sheep on Texel. Some farms are open for the public.

The church of Den Hoorn

3 thoughts on “Week 13 Easter

  1. ik ben het helemaal met Bruce eens over de foto van het strand, hoewel de schelpen op het strand ook erg mooi is.

    Groeten, Sipke en Janke.

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