Week 06

This week I was in Iran for business. Besides being in Tehran I also traveled through the country a bit visiting customers.

It was very pleasant in Iran, I’ve never met such nice and friendly people before. People really treat each other with respect, especially women are treated with all regards.

On Friday I had a day off and met Platoali from the Leica users group. This was very nice because he guided me through the city and showed me a few nice places.

All pictures are made with a Leicaflex Sl2, 28,50 and 90mm lenses on Fuji slide film.

Tehran is situated close to the mountains in the North of Iran. This is the view from the 15th level of my hotel.




Because of the boycotts the choice in cars is limited. You can get a Peugeot, a Kia and some Iranian brands. This car is typical in the streets of Iran. They are build like tanks and can carry heavy loads. This is the smaller version.


This is the bigger version. They come in all colors as long as it white or blue.



Iran is an Islamic country. Chicken is very popular.


Small motorcycles are the cheaper way of transport. Again one brand and model dominates. The Honda CB125 or the Iranian equivalent, which only differ in its name.



Although you don’t see really poor people on the streets, these very young street musicians make clear that there indeed is a lot of poverty


Another sign of this poverty is the fact that a lot of people have a second job as a taxi driver. This is a typical scene on the street. People waiting for a taxi. 3 or 4 people sharing a taxi is not uncommon. Because there are so many taxis they are very cheap. For 4 dollar they drive you from end of the city to the other. But the gasoline costs only 10 cents.


Fast food the Iranian way. Amazing small store loaded with people waiting for the excellent fresh made Iranian bread filled with kebab and herbs. Best fast food I ever had.


Platoali ready to start lunch.


Vegetables in a bazaar.


Look through.


This guy is all over town.


A memorial for a martyr of the war against Iraq.


On my request we went to the Jomeeh bazaar. I read about this on the internet and liked to see it. It is a huge flea market in a parking garage. Loads of stuff can be bought there. This man for instance is selling 2nd hand books.


This man is selling scarf’s. Scarf’s are big business in Iran. I thought the hat was just for being funny but it is traditional clothing in some parts of Iran


The bazaar is also a very social event.




Bartering is of course a must


General old stuff.


New pottery.




New oil lamps


Amazing selection of fresh fish


And fruits.


An example of the very nice mosaic one can see at many older buildings


At last a street trader selling some sort of warm beans with a salty seasoning.


4 thoughts on “Week 06

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  2. michiel, you manage, as always, to capture the world around you with a professionalism inherent to the visitor/tourist.

    bravo, many images capturing, but not disturbing the local environment.

    next visit, to the mountains with platoali!


  3. Dear Michiel,

    very Nice photos. I’m hopping to see you again in Iran. Maybe next time we can go to something more intresting

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