Week 45

This week was very special. On Saturday we held our yearly autumn fancy fair at the Rudolf Steiner school. Some of you might know this as a Waldorf school. My kids went to this school and my wife still works there.

I used to be in the organising committee of this fancy fair. But now that my youngest has left the school I was able to do my own activity. All revenues go to the school.

I set up a small photo studio. Borrowed an epson picturemate and offered portraits to take home right away. The picture mate performed flawless. Very good colours, picture in 20 seconds. I sold 36 portraits in 4 hours. I used my canon 20d with the Tokina 50-135/2.8. This lens is amazing.

Here are a few of the best portraits.

Ria and her adopted son. She is one of the most courageous women I Know


This boy is a natural photo model. First shot right.


Iris. She went to the same school, had the same teachers as my daughters, babysitter of my daughters, dated the son of our neighbours. This is a portrait with her Mother Aukje.


We have the same puppet theatre at the fancy fair now for already 7 years. This is one of the puppet players with his grandson.


2 thoughts on “Week 45

  1. well, you know what to do when the food-business depresses you ………………. go take portraits (with your Tokina). what about some 12-24 group portraits?

    a very professional and enjoyable series, michiel. bravo!


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