Week 37

This Sunday we’ve spent in Friesland to celebrate the 75th birthday of my mother. We went canoeing and also visited a small zoo.

All made with a Canon 20d, tamron 17-50, tamron 70-300, Sigma 10-20.

Ring-tailed Lemur


Lesser flamingo


White stork


Typical Frisian landscape on a Sunday morning


My wife in a canoe


My wife in a canoe with a tree


A horse as seen from the water


5 thoughts on “Week 37

  1. hoi michiel,

    de foto van het paard vind ik erg mooi!! heel veel energie!! mooi! Ook de twee daarboven van thielke mooi van kleur, rood wit blauw!, en heel helder! en ook de ooievaars heel mooi van kleur, fris en ik hou van kleur!!



  2. Nice pics. In fact, I like your whole collection, especially the black and white stuff. But! Judging from the paddle your wife is using, I suspect that is not an ordinary canoe. In fact, that type paddle is almost always used in a kayak. Canoeing usually requires a single blade paddle. Am I right here? Or have you found a way to use these paddles in a canoe?

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