Week 23

Some pictures of Spain.

It was raining. The moment I entered the Plaza mayor in Madrid it started.

The night before I was entertained with Flamenco and pata negra.

All pictures are made with the Leica CM on trix souped in Xtol 1+1






One thought on “Week 23

  1. the plaza mayor looks tiny and naked ………… from the usual large, bustling, steaming hub of madrileno life …………. but then, it was raining!

    my choices: 1, 2 (maybe without the lamps on the right ……….. but the girl/woman at the back, left, has that tense, strained face of the disciplined flamenco dancer …….. woonderful) and 5 (‘cos i love pata negra ……. without the fat).

    rich contrasty images michiel ………….. you work so well in b&w!


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