Week 22

A few weeks ago I was in Verona for business. It was really nice weather and not too hot.

Here are a few impressions.

All made with the Canon 20d and Tamron 17-50/2.8

Beggars as well as lovers in Verona


In Verona there is the balcony of Juliet. You know, from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. This balcony is not really interesting. What struck me were the walls close to the balcony. People stick papers with their name and the name of their lovers. They hope this will help and make their love stay.


Detail of the magnificent Roman theatre. This theatre is still being used after 2000 years for the world famous Verona opera festival.


Old fashioned waiter who serves from the platter to the plate at your table.


Italian ice cream. They say the best there is.



One thought on “Week 22

  1. Dear Nathan:
    Ahhh Verona- there is this little cafe, with outdoor tables just opposite the “coliseum”. I often dream of being back there- I hope to do it soon. These pictures awaken old memories. Bests: Roger

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