Week 08

This week it was diffucult too chose.

I was with the Benelux people from the Rangefinder forum in Antwerp in Belgium. Two Canadians living in Cologne also joined.

Fun thing of a day like this is that you can try all sorts of lenses and camera’s. There were quit a few Bessa’s, some Fed’s a few leica’s an Epson RD-1, a Konica RF and some more camera’s I can’t remember. I got to try a CV 21. I already have a 15 and a 28 and I’m looking to fill the gap. For the money I think the CV 21 can’t be beat. rest of the day I only used a 50. Films were Neopan 400 and Neopan 1600 @ 1000.

I post the PAW here. The rest of the pictures are under the link on the right.

These boys were playing street hockey. Now and then they fell and they fell hard. But they didn’t care. Shot with the 50 summilux.

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