Week 33

A few weeks ago I was in Paris for some work.

I had an afternoon to make some pictures.

I know I’m not the first one to take a picture like this but i just couldn’t resist.


Every-time I’m again amazed by the quality and the choice the Parisian markets provide.


Canal st. Martin


Even in a big city like Paris children live and play. This is on the square beside centre Pompidou.


All pictures are made with the Bronica RF645 with 45,65,100mm lenses on Astia.

One thought on “Week 33

  1. the canal st. martin is normally a dull, very grey, dour, forboding area ………….. but when a bit of sun comes and some people begin to stroll ……….. it’s just another happy part of paris …………. but with flowing water, and locks …………. happy memories, thanks. B.

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