Week 32

It’s already some time ago but on the 12th of June I was in st. Petersburg.

In Russia this is the day when the Independence is celebrated. it is also very close to the longest day in the end of June. It stays light until at least midnight and hardly gets totaly dark.

Because of the celebration a lot of people were out in the streets and having a party. This means that they are drinking.

Being so light until so late gives me a feeling of euphoria. I just don’t get tired. I strolled through the city until 01:00 and realised I had to work the other morning.

That went on for three days.

Although the sun was there all evening, it was quit low on the horizon. This gives very long shadows as you can see on this shot made on the Nevsky Prospekt, the main shopping street .


The army was also present.

The Hermitage


Cycling is difficult and some people need some help.


View on the Troitsky bridge, one of the many bridges over the Neva.

This was about as dark as it would get.


Peter island.


The day after.


All photo’s are made with the Bronica RF645 with 45,65,100mm lenses on Astia.


One thought on “Week 32

  1. michiel, the troitski bridge and peter island are wonderful. you should definitely make a colour print of the bridge shot. thanks for sharing. B.

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