Week 03

This week I was in st. Petersburg Russia.

The first night was oke but than the cold came in. Down to 27 Celsius below zero. That’s colder than in your freezer. It is so cold that the inside of the car windows get covered with frozen condensate from your own breath.

Because I had to work I only saw the city at night. I probably have to visit st. Petersburg a lot more in the future. Also in the spring and summer.

All pictures are made with a Canon P and a Summicron 50 collapsible. The film was Fuji neopan 400 developed in Amaloco AM74.

First picture is the statue of tsaar Peter who founded st. Petersburg


These are used for construction work. In West Europe these would be stolen right away because they are not secured in any way. You also see an abonded happy meal from McDonalds. “Civilisation” is also coming to Russia:-)


On the last day I finaly could get to the river Neva during the day. The chill factor came in and it was so cold that I couldn’t stand it longer than 10 minutes. Later I understand this is the day that the water is Holy and a therefore a lot of Russians take a bath in the river. They believe this will save then from getting ill the coming year.




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