Week 16 Easter

This week some pictures of our Easter holiday..

Traditionally we always go camping with Easter on Texel. Texel is on of the islands in the North of the Netherlands.

You have to take the ferry and this makes it like you come into another world. These islands have on the north side the North sea and on the South side de wadden sea which is partly a wetland. Alhtough with Esater there already quite some tourists, these islands are probably the last places of the Netherlands where you can enjoy real silence.

We had very good weather.

The pictures were made during a hike we did on Easter Sunday. We walked through a national park called the Slufter. This is an unique place because the sea still comes in through the dunes. They have never been able to close the dunes on this particular spot. Now it is an place with a lot of birds and rare plants. The place is still flooded partially with every tide.

Because I had a sore back I only carried the Canon G6.

First a picture of the lighthouse taken form the beach.


And two from the Slufter




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