Week 12

This week is dedicated to square format. I guess the coming weeks there will be more to follow because I really like my new and humble Rolleicord Vb.

I also aquired a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 3 equipped with a Novar lens. Although I like the idea of a folder the Novar is not up to the Xenar of the Rolleicord. The Rolleicord fits in my Domke 803 so there is not really any need for a folder.

Because it was the first day that felt a bit like spring I went for a stroll to the “Carnisse grienden”. This is a place were they grow willows. These are cut off so that they produce a crown of new twigs every year. These twigs are harvested and used to make baskets. The area is connected to the sea. The tides come and go. At this time it was low tide.
First one with the Zeiss on Fomapan 400 and the others with the Rolleicord on Adox 100.



One thought on “Week 12

  1. mooie lens michiel is de rolleicord
    vooral de laatste foto is zeer natuurgetrouw
    formapan 400 heeft niet veel korrel
    betreft paw 12 groet oeno

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