Week 02 Holland goes crazy

It is in our DNA.

When it starts freezing we get nervous. When it freezes for a week we get prepared. And then, after two weeks of frost we go crazy.

“Molentocht” after 13 years we can skate the Molentocht again. On a Saturday with splendid weather.

For me this is what we Dutch people are about. We go skating! Young or old we all go.

The Moltentocht is in the Alblasserwaard, one of the oldest polders in Holland. Molen means windmill. If you skate this route you’ll see at least 20 windmills.

13 years ago I used to skate 75km  but now I did 50. Being totally untrained that is  a bit ambitious  but I managed.

All pictures are made with a Panasonic LX3.

Putting on the skates.


The stomach needs to be served also. Some healthy entrepreneurship is  everywhere.


We have wooden shoes and we also have wooden skates. Not many, but some swear by it.


Ice terrace.


There we go! And some windmills.


Another windmill.


And some more windmills.


The kids are coming too. One way or another.


Sometimes we have to pass some roads to get from one canal to another.


Not all creatures like  ice.


Waiting to get a stamp. Without stamps there is no medal at the end.


Signs  are leading the way.


Another way of getting the kids involved.


Another windmill. It’s getting boring.


The ice under a bridge might not be reliable. We have to walk over the road to pass it.


Other bridges we just crawl under it.


A great day to do some boring Dutch landscapes.


Another windmill.


Eating lunch.



7 thoughts on “Week 02 Holland goes crazy

  1. whoopeeeeeeee, michiel. you made it! despite the falls, forwards and backwards. will you be able to remove your body from bed, without too much pain on the morrow?

    for those unfamiliar with these dutch traditions, including the long wooden skates, it is a mania; whether you are 8 or 80, males particularly are drawn to showing they can do it …………. still; rekindling/reliving a moment in time when it was so much easier (fit young body).

    the images document the determination of the skater to reach the finish, prove it to himself, obtain the medal for ****, and be assured that the molentoch can be ridden again ………… next year!

    bravo, michiel ……..

  2. Hi Michiel,

    Thanks for posting these. When I was 11 or so we lived by a lake in Northern Albera, here in Canada. Sometimes the lake froze over before the snow came and we could skate on it. It was about 40km in circumference, and when the ice was clear, we could see the bottom while we were skating on it. No other tracks, no people, no food stands, no sounds except the ice crackling. It was like flying.

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