Orion exhibition

These will be my pictures for the next exhibition.

I made them as an assignment for a course in documentary photography.

Orion in Rotterdam is an organisation based on the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner. Orion is a home for mentally challenged people.They live there and they can also work there in the workshops if they want. One of the principles of Orion is that everybody has a right to work.

Most of the workshops are creative. They make candles, paperwork, ceramics etc.. But they also work on the land, in the garden, their own store and the manège.

I made around 400 pictures during six days. I used a Rolleiflex 3.5f with neopan 400 at 800 souped in xtol 1+1. From these 400 I selected 52 which I made into a book. For the exhibition I narrowed it down to 20. Mostly portrait type of pictures.

For all who can’t see the exhibition I’ll show them here.

The first vernissage is on 19th of August from 15:00 till around 17:00. Because of the holidays we decided to schedule a second vernissage on the 9th of September also form 15:00 till around 17:00. I’d really appreciated when you can attend one of them.
The exhibition is until the 26th of September.
If you like to visit the exhibition on another date please first phone Orion first because they are not always open.

Cultureel centrum Orion Michiel Fokkema
Wollefoppenweg 91a 06-15569576





















16 thoughts on “Orion exhibition

  1. Seems to me you have a fine and beautiful eye – Please more work – foregive a stupid question but
    all the photos taken w/rollei tlr? Thanks and looking forward to seeing more, Jeff Phillips

  2. Michiel, I have the opening date clearly marked and look forward to seeing the 20 in real life. It is a shame that you are unable to manifest the “book” you produced …………. for that too, is a work of art.

    Your images vividly capture the pride, turmoil and delight of the “workers” ………… and represent a testimony to the Dutch system that ensures that such establishments are brought into being.

    Working with your Rollei has strenghtened your creative capture …………. and no doubt allowed the participant to sometimes have a peek at the screen.

    Bravo ……….. let this be the first of more!


  3. Michiel, really excellent photos! My personal favorite is 7 th from up but they are really all excellent.

    Esa Santonen

  4. It is the spirit behind your photographs which underlines that the mentally handicapped are, in many ways, almost even more human.

  5. Michiel,

    Congratulations! These shots are special to me.

    I worked my way through graduate school by working at a place like this. The smiles and the sense of satisfaction are rewarding.


  6. Awesome photos Michiel, congratulations. First-class, really moving. Great expressions, and a sense of concentration, purpose, action and endeavour in them all. A very positive and profound statement unites them all. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the opening, but I will definitely try to get to the exhibition afterwards.

  7. Michiel

    These are really beautiful photos of humanity, you have quite an eye!

    Unfortunately I cannot make the opening but I wish you plenty of success


  8. Hoi Michiel,

    Het blijft een prachtige serie! Gefeliciteerd met de tentoonstelling en wie weet zie je me zondag nog even. Geniet er in elk geval van!


  9. Michel, What impressed me the most was that they related to you in such a way that they were able to exhibit a special pride in their work. One has the feeling that this is not the highly mechanized world that we work in but the world of the past where one is able to take their time and be proud of their craftmanship. Also you were close enough to show the creation in progress not a finished item. Good timing and excellent composition.

  10. Hallo Michiel,
    Vandaag zaten we in dezelfde workshop, en nu kan ik gelukkig toch nog wat foto’s van je zien. Deze serie vind ik geweldig, want ik ken alle mensen, omdat ikzelf bij Orion gewerkt heb! Super vast gelegd!
    Sabine Hendriks

  11. Prachtige fotos!:-)
    Je laat op een heel integere manier de schoonheid van deze mensen zien in je beelden: ontroerend.


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