Doel revisited 2012

Doel is an abandoned village north of Antwerp on the border of the river Schelde.

I’ve been there many times already and tend to go back every year when they have their annual festival in August.

See my previous posts:

All those times I’ve shot film but this time I took the Fujfilm prox-1 with it’s three lenses and a Voigtlander 15/4.5 on a cheap Ebay adapter.

Many houses have now been closed and can not be accessed anymore. A few remain of which an old garage and  bakery are very interesting.

There were around 450 stalls selling junk and food, blacksmiths, a procession, blessing of the river and blessing of the boats. The weather was magnificent.

The Xpro-1 worked very well. For the interior shots, which were taken on  a tripod, I mainly used the rear lcd to frame and focus with manual focus and the magnifier. The iso was manually set and I used aperture priority and let the meter do its thing with the shutter speed.
For the pictures outside I used the OVF with the Fuji lenses and the EVF with the 15/4.5 which was on f11 and a bit closer then hyperfocal distance. Iso was on auto 1600 or when I needed to be sure to get a bit higher shutterspeed then the Fuji thinks is necessary I used a set iso.

1. 18mm 2.8

2. 18mm 2.8

3. 60mm 5.6

4. 15mm 8.0

5. 60mm 5.6

6. 18mm 2.8

7. 60mm 5.6

8. 15mm 8.0

9. 35mm 1.8

10. 18mm 2.5

11. 35mm 5.6

12. 35mm 2.0

13. The blacksmiths way to light a cigar. 35mm 2.8

14. 18mm 5.6

15. Some of the very last inhabitants. 18mm 5.6

16. 18mm 9.0

17. 18mm 9.0

18. 18mm 8.0

19. Very nice and sunny day indeed. 15mm 11

20. 15mm 11

21. Some protest from the other side of the harbor. 15mm 11

22. Blessing of the boats. 15mm 11

23. It looks like it is rather boring to sell junk on a flea market. 60mm 2.8

24. 60mm 3.2

25. 60mm 3.2

26. 60mm 5.6

27. 60mm 4.0

28. 60mm 4.0

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