Fisherman and his boat

I was driving along the South coast of England on the way to Dungeness when I met this fisherman.

He is Greek but living in England for ages. Now with pension and fishing for fun and to stay from SWMBO.


2 thoughts on “Fisherman and his boat

  1. dungeness is an amalgam of islands which i have for many years wished to visit leisurely. what a joy to have encountered a foreign “local” and share some time with him.

    good that your fisherman can return to the ways of the sea ………… and escape, a little! do you know what he catches there, michiel?

    there is a wonderful “caf” on the entrance/exit road, used mainly by lorry drivers, where a hot strong cup of char and a bacon butty are always a welcome to the transient entering england.

    the hassy photo catches him well and depicts his area.

    thanks for sharing with us,

  2. Ik denk dat jij wel graag in zijn plaats daar zou staan. Enig nadeel, je zou dan je jeugd kwijt zijn, maar de boot past precies bij jou, mama.

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