Week 2 2 Portraits

A nice Sunday this week, but we stayed in the house. We have a big window facing North which today was perfect to make portraits of the girls. Has been a while and they grow fast.

Also time to get used a bit more to my Super Graphic 4×5 camera. I put on the Tele Arton 270/5.6 and exposed wide open on HP5+. A few hours later I have gorgeous negatives.  This is such a nice system to use and produces very nice negatives, I’ll use it more often.

The prints are sharp. But it is a sort of soft sharpness, more gentle then smaller formats and especially much nicer then digital. On screen they look nice but prints are the way to go.

Strange on Flickr the images look much sharper then here on WordPress.

Michiel’s Flickr



Anne Jitkse





6 thoughts on “Week 2 2 Portraits

  1. Wow, are these ever gorgeous. It helps that the girls are beautiful, and you have captured such tender and honest expressions. These have a shelf life of, honestly, forever.

  2. hoi michiel,

    i really think that you should take-up this photography business seriously (professionally).

    the standard increases by the month, as the impact of the girls!

    bravo all three.


    p.s. what happened to the trip over the border! b.

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